Amateur Allure

Who’s that sexy brunette strolling casually through the door at the Amateur Allure studio? Why it’s none other than our favorite sexy goddess, Lacy Channing! She’s all dolled up and ready for her hot photo and video shoot, staring up at the lens with those big beautiful blue eyes while she bobs her head up [...]

Casting Couch X

It can be a bit of a crap shoot sometimes seeing the caliber of girls who stroll in the door at Casting Couch X, but today everything came up aces because none other than Lacey Channing came sauntering in! She was gorgeous as hell the moment she walked through the doorway but it was when [...]

Teen Fidelity Plow-Her Outtage

When the lights go out at the Teen Fidelity it’s not so much a power outage as a plow her outage! Lacy Channing was relaxing at the house with not much to do when the power mysteriously went out…she freaked out a bit and hid under the covers, unaware that sneaky Ryan Madison was just [...]